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Welcome to African American Cultural Arts & History Center

2018 Exhibits

Soulful Sounds of History


February 10, 2018 

May Memorial Library 

"Soulful Sounds of History" celebrated the Famous Flames. The famouse flames topped the Billboard Charts in the 1960's and included two local legends, Bobby Bennett and J.C. Davis. 

We Speak Your Name


March 9, 2018 

May Memorial Library

Alamance County is home to many phenomenal women who have made great strides in the community. On March 9th we had the privilege of honoring 50 of these woman. 

Wyatt Outlaw


April 5 - April 14, 2018 


In April we launched our Wyatt Outlaw Exhibit. He was the first African American to be elected to be Town Commissioner and Constable of the town of Graham was brutally murdered by the Klu Klux Klan in 1870. 

This exhibit travels, and has been displayed at multiple events. Check back for our next location!

A Troubled Legacy


May 19, 2018 

Union Chapel Church of Christ 

During the integration of public schools in 1969 black students from Jordan Sellars were being sent to Williams High School. Soon after riots broke out and Leon Mebane, a black student, was killed. His murder remains unsolved. On May 19th, we gathered to watch a documentary on these riots and commemorate Leon Mebane.

Men & Music


June 9, 2018 

Paramount Theater 

Alamance County is home to many distinguished men, we celebrated their accomplishments and honored them at our Men & Music Event.